Chocolate and Beer - The Perfect Match

February 14, 2018

The Marriage of Chocolate and Beer

For chocoholics, Valentine’s Day is the end all be all of holidays. For beer lovers, this is a perfect opportunity to show just how well beer pairs with this holiday treat. There are three standard categories of beers to pair with artisan chocolates.

Heavy Beers

Darker beers, like stouts and porters, are made from caramelized barley and toasted malts offering really deep earthy tones. These make a fantastic pairing with any chocolate, especially a caramel bases truffle, dark chocolate turtle with caramel and nuts or caramel-infused dark milk chocolate bar. Rogue Ales - Mocha Porter works extremely well in this category.
* A word about black chocolate stouts -which are an excellent pairing with a chocolate dessert. Black chocolate stout is made with black chocolate and roasted malts (not chocolate candy), so it imparts powdered cocoa and creamy, dark, bittersweet chocolate flavors.

Fruity, Spicy Beers

These are Belgian-style ale beers that go great with nearly any chocolate because they are made from barley that is roasted until the nutty, cocoa chocolate tones start coming out. Try Trippel Belgian Style Ale from Green Flash Brewing Co. For a double wow, combine any berry-flavored truffle or chocolate bar with dried berries and an amber ale like the Boont Amber Ale by the Anderson Valley Brewing Co.

Malty Golden Beers

Pale malty beers, such as American wheat beers and white ales, tend to pair beautifully with malt-flavor truffles, gourmet malt balls and chocolate and nut combinations. Acai Berry Wheat Beer brewed by Eel River Brewing Co. or Blue Star Wheat by North Coast Brewing Co. would be a nice choice.Most importantly, have fun and enjoy the beers!