Beer of the Month Clubs

Beer of the Month Gifts

What a perfect and unique gift idea for men or women! Our clubs make excellent birthday gifts that just keep on giving all year long; way after the birthday has passed. Our beer of the month memberships are one of our most popular choices for Christmas and Father’s Day presents too! They also make awesome groomsmen gifts for that bunch of guys who love their brewski! Of course, they are not only great gifts for men, because women love their craft beer too! So whether it’s a birthday present, or a holiday gift for Father’s Day or Christmas, one of our beer of the month memberships will be well received by the beer lover in your life. Our Craft Beer Club memberships make perfect gifts for those who love their craft brews! Nothing beats receiving a delicious twelve-pack of hand-crafted brews, delivered right to your doorstep, every month. Give a beer of the month gift today, or sign yourself up and start enjoying fresh and tasty brews all year long.

It is an awesome and exciting day when that package arrives each month full of a grand assortment of different featured monthly beers. You giddily caress your beer club gift, and run around the house looking for something to cut it open. Even though you already know it your beer of the month delivery is inside the box, the anticipation of which fine flavors await you just drives you crazy! You open your cherished box of beer and salivate as you check out each label, trying not to drool as you spin each bottle around to read the back and see what shade of yummy the elixir inside is. And then, the agony sets in. The endless wait as you put this month’s beer in the fridge and wait for it to get cold. Get the picture?

With every monthly beer club delivery, we include a wide range of beers like ales, lagers, stouts, porters, pilsners, pale ales, wheat beers, Hefeweizens, IPA's and more. We also try to include limited seasonal releases during the months that they are available!

Beer Club Featured Craft Beer Selections

Every month you will receive four different, high-quality craft brews delivered to your home or office. Members of our club will get 3 of each featured microbrew for a total of twelve. Each month we feature two small craft breweries and send you a unique assortment of micro-brews along with our newsletter. Our newsletter is packed full of exciting information about the breweries and featured beers, food pairings and other beer geek tidbits of information that is fun to read. We know beer, and you are going love the selections we send to our beer of the month members!

We Guarantee Our Beer Clubs

We are a leader in online beer gifting, so you can rest assured that we know our stuff! We have several craft beer club memberships to choose from, and one is sure to fit exactly what you are looking for. Whether it's a gift club membership for yourself, or a gift beer of the month subscription for a friend or loved one, we guarantee your satisfaction! If at any time you are not 100% satisfied with the beers or the service you receive, you can cancel your membership with no questions asked! That is our promise to you! So what do you have to lose? Join our beer of the month program today for yourself or as a gift for a friend or family member.

A Great Gift idea for Beer Lovers

Because we offer such a great assortment of classic craft beers, this is also a great gift you know someone who really enjoys their brews; then this is the perfect present for them. Give them a gift membership to any one of our beer clubs. Our “Monthly Beer Club” is perfect for just about any beer drinker. If you are looking for beers that are a bit hoppy, and a bit more expensive, then our Club is the answer. No matter which way you go, getting someone a gift membership to one of our beer clubs is a great gift idea for men or women!

Club FAQ'S

Can I choose how long I want my membership to last?

Yes. Any of our beer club memberships can be anywhere from 3 to 12 months. You can also choose to have your membership sent continuously until you tell us to quit. The continuous option is only available for monthly paid memberships. You will make your choice before you add the product to your online shopping cart.

Can I skip months between my deliveries?

Yes. Choose Every Month if you want us to send the beer club deliveries every month for the duration of the membership. For example, a 6-month membership will receive product every month for six consecutive months. If you choose Skip Months, we will skip a month between each club delivery. For example, a 6-month club member will receive product every other month for a whole year.

Should I pay for this membership monthly or in advance?

It's up to you. Choose to be charged monthly if you want us to charge your credit card each month. We will charge your credit card about a week before each shipment goes out. If you choose to pay in advance, your credit card will be charged one time for the entire membership. The main difference is that pre-paid memberships are protected against future price changes. Even if our rates change, your membership cost will not increase for the life of the beer club membership. Monthly paid memberships will be charged the current rate each month.

What about the beers?

Excellent Craft Brews!! We hand select each and every beer that we feature. All of our selections come from small, award winning craft breweries. In short, you will not be disappointed in these beers - we guarantee it!

Is this a Beer Club for Beginners?

Definitely not! The beers featured each month are not usually your standard everyday microbrews. The beers will usually include imperial style beers, really hoppy varieties, and higher alcohol brews. There will also be some easier drinking beers from small capacity brewers who simply sell high-priced beers. At times it will include limited release beers and seasonal specialty brews too! Every month the collection of fine craft beers in our Club will be fresh and exciting to even the most geeky of beer lovers. If you want a killer selection of unique beers every month, then this is the beer club membership for you. Buy it for yourself, or get it as a beer gift for someone who really enjoys their brews!

Does someone need to sign for the package?

Yes. Because it is alcohol, an adult, 21 years or older will need to be available to sign for the package at the time that it is delivered. It is usually best to use a business address so that someone will be available to sign upon delivery.

Different Beers Every Month?

With our craft beer of the month club memberships, you will receive a nicely balanced selection of four different microbrewed, craft beers with each monthly delivery. We strive to include a well-balanced assortment of award-winning beers that will appeal to a wide range of beer drinkers tastes. Each delivery will consist of a well-rounded collection of light, medium and heavier beers – something for all beer tastes. The beers included will cover a very wide spectrum from lighter Pilsners, IPA's and lagers, wheat beers and some enjoyable fruity selections, to medium ambers, pale ales, marzens, red ales, and also heavier selections like stouts, porters. After all, it’s a beer club, and the whole idea is to sample new craft beers that you might not have bought for yourself, or even thought of trying before.

Did We Mention Shipping is Free?

Shipping, packaging, and handling are all included in the low beer of the month price. The price you see is the total price you will pay. And check out the great delivery choices available to you when you purchase one of our great Craft Beer Club memberships. We can ship your first beer delivery right away, or next month, it's up to you. You can even skip months and have your micro-brew deliveries come every other month instead of every month. Why wouldn't you want beer delivered every month? We don't know, but if that's what you want... you're the boss! We abide.

Is This a Good Beer Club for Entry Level Craft Brew Drinkers?

Absolutely! Our club members will receive a great selection of some of America’s best classic beers and craft beer styles. As mentioned above, our featured beer of the month club brews will vary widely across many beer styles, but they generally will not include any exotic or crazy beers that would offend a beginner or even a novice craft beer enthusiast.

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